She’s boss

She’s boss is a site that is dedicated to the very unique fetish of face sitting. If you’ve never heard of it, let me explain. Face sitting is a fetish that consists of a dominant woman sitting her pussy on the mouth of her submissive mate and getting it on. You will really enjoy it once you explore the fantasy.The women on this site are mostly lifestyle dommes or porn stars. These ladies know what it takes to get what they want and they really unleash their inner diva on these guys. They will smother and suffocate their submissive sluts until they are satisfied that their snatches have been eaten out accordingly. This site is very true to life and this fetish is presented in its truest form.

Picture content on this site is very nice. You will find it easy to navigate and find each of the photo sets. You can typically find between 20-50 photos in each set. They are all in stunning high resolution quality so you can see everything you want by zooming in and out. You can even download the zip sets to your PC so you can view them whenever you like. Video content is even better on this site. If having HD content is important to you, then you will quickly see how excellent it is on this site. Everything is shot in 1080i which is the most cutting edge available. That means you can view the videos with a high speed internet connection in fast and streaming detail. If you happen to have a slow computer, you can view this all on a standard video because those are available as well.

She's boss